Interview Spotlight with Dr. Sheila Singh

The Meducator brings you another interview spotlight, this time with Dr. Sheila Singh, an Associate Professor of Surgery and Biochemistry at McMaster and the Chief Pediatric Neurosurgeon at McMaster Children’s Hospital.

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Interview Spotlight: Dr. Gordon Guyatt

This year, we had the honour of interviewing Dr. Gordon Guyatt, one of the founders of evidence-based medicine. Dr. Guyatt has played a significant role in the field of clinical research and methodology. He is…

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The Aging Population and the Healthcare Industry

Chief among issues in modern society is the aging population – one that presents a fundamental effect on societal sustainability. This video examines topics such as the unique care required for the changing population, and…

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Interview Spotlight – Avijit Mallick

Avijit Mallick is a PhD student in Dr. Bhagwarti Gupta’s Lab at McMaster University. He has recently published a study on PRY-1/AXIN signalling in the regulation of lipid metabolism, and its implications on a concurrent…

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Hurricanes and Health

This video examines how the impact of hurricanes extend beyond structural damage to properties, towns, and cities –and into short and long-term health fallout. An exploration of the research evidence reveals what kinds of fallouts…

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Eye Diseases and The Shortage Crisis

This video highlights a unique issue that is slowly becoming a worldwide issue: the issue of the increasing prevalence of eye diseases and the anticipated shortages in those who are able to treat them. The…

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Author Interview: Nupur Dogra

Video by Sebastian Swic December 2012 The Meducator interviews Nupur Dogra about her article that discusses the implications of anemia in the developing world, published in Issue 22.