Article Descriptions

Pieces Accepting Student Submissions

Research Insight

The Research Insight is The Meducator‘s flagship article format and is unique to the publication. This format is designed to allow undergraduate students involved in research to discuss the nature of their original work while reflecting on its significance and implications in the broader context of their field of investigation. Unlike a traditional science article, we invite submissions of original primary research findings at any state of completeness and comprehensiveness; the focus is less on the results of the author’s research, and more on the rationale, approach and potential implications. The goal of this article format is to grant undergraduate student researchers an opportunity to undergo the academic peer-review process and showcase the amazing research projects led by undergraduate students around Canada.

Article Writing Guidelines for Research Insight

Note: permission must be obtained from the associated principal investigator for the publication of any primary research.

Global Perspective

The Global Perspective is an article which allows students to write about their first-hand experiences working with and strengthening a community, whether close to McMaster or around the world. The article should focus on health-related issues and obstacles faced by the community, specific work that the author did, as well as future health care steps in the field/community. Although the article may be a first-person account, the author should take care to combine personal anecdotes with well-informed and researched depictions of the community and health issues involved.

Article Writing Guidelines for Global Perspective

Critical Review

The Critical Review article format is designed to allow undergraduate students to discuss a specific topic that interests and excites them, and is important or relevant to the general science student body. In addition to reviewing the literature on the topic, the author must address the area with a critical lens, by analyzing future prospects or contrasting with other approaches. The author is not required to be involved in primary research within the field of their submission.

Article Writing Guidelines for Critical Review


The Opinion piece is a column written about a controversial and/or contemporary topic in the health sciences. The aim of the piece is to present a well-informed stance on a contemporary health science-related issue that has significant importance to multiple stakeholders.

Article Writing Guidelines for Opinion



The MedPulse synergizes art and text to celebrate major advancements in scientific knowledge published by international research groups or draws attention to the medical issues around the globe. This piece aims to provide snapshots of exciting biomedical research and sobering healthcare calamities worldwide.  


MedBulletins are hand-picked, at-a-glance summaries of current news and hot topics in Health, Medicine, and Biomedical Research. The aim is to keep readers up-to-date with the latest issues and breakthroughs within these diverse fields. MedBulletins are selected and written by Meducator staff on a regular basis.

Interview Spotlight

The Meducator publishes interviews with senior members of the McMaster community (often instructors or faculty members) who are involved in research that is particularly new and exciting. The goal is to offer a different perspective and provide an opportunity for readers to learn and appreciate research conducted at McMaster.

We also conduct video interviews with undergraduate student authors featured in The Meducator about their work, which are posted on The Meducator‘s Official Youtube Channel after the release of our newest issues.


The PathoProfile piece is a unique piece generated through the collaboration of our Editorial Board and Graphics and Design Team. It aims to creatively and visually depict the pathophysiology of various diseases and their underlying biological processes by highlighting the key stages of the disease process.


Biotech Blueprint

The Biotech Blueprint is an all-new piece for Issue 36, borne from a close collaboration between the Editorial Board and Graphics & Design Board. It shines a spotlight on a cutting-edge biotechnological advancement that is shaping the health sciences landscape by explaining its theory and practice as well as critically evaluating its impact. 


ForumSpace is a collaborative initiative between The Meducator and the McMaster Student Health Forum subcommittee. It aims to discuss important topics concerning the multi-dimensional aspects of healthcare, and the role of various stakeholders in ensuring its effective delivery.

Undergraduate Student Research Conference Proceedings

The Meducator collaborates with undergraduate student research conferences held at McMaster University to showcase exciting student-led research from around Canada. NeuroAbstracts features abstracts from the four winning poster presentations in the annual undergraduate NeuroXChange conference held in May. This is an Ontario-wide event hosted by the McMaster Biology and Psychology Society which allows undergraduate students to explore and share their passion for neuroscience research. Each year, The Meducator judges and awards the four winning poster abstracts to be published in print for the fall issue.

We also feature the winning poster presentations from the annual International Women and Children’s Health (IWCH) Conference held in November. Hosted by the IWCH Network, this event is committed to improving the health of women and children in disadvantaged places of the world through leadership development, clinical outreach and research. Each year, members of our Editorial Board judge and award the two-four winning poster abstracts to be published in print for the winter issue.