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Submission Instructions

Manuscript submission for publication in Issue 33 is January 15th at 11:59 pm. Please follow the steps on the ‘Submit Now’ page before the final due date.

Any current undergraduate student at McMaster may submit a Critical Review, Research Insight, Opinion or Global Perspective article for publication. Other articles are written by The Meducator staff. Interviews are generally conducted by The Meducator staff, but other undergraduate students may also be allowed to carry out an interview if they have an interviewee in mind and contact The Meducator in advance to the manuscript submission deadline. Any student from any institution is welcome to submit an article for publication on our website.

To learn more about the types of articles we accept from non-staff members for publication in the journal, please see the Article Descriptions page,  where there are additionally article writing guidelines that should assist authors preparing the manuscripts for submission. Manuscripts must then be submitted according to the instructions provided here.

Note: It is highly encouraged for potential writers to submit an outline and abstract for their proposed article to the.meducator@gmail.com well before the deadline for manuscript submission. Doing so provides The Meducator team an opportunity to offer feedback regarding whether the article is one that may be suitable for publication, as well as what appropriate changes need to be made to increase chances of publication


Submission Website

Submission Guidelines


Step 1: (optional)

Potential writers may submit preliminary drafts, outlines or ideas for manuscripts weeks or months prior for their proposed articles to the.meducator@gmail.com. This allows The Meducator team to provide authors with feedback and an indication of the manuscript’s publication potential. Although final publication decisions will not be made until soon after the indicated deadlines, it is advantageous for authors to submit manuscripts well in advance.

Step 2:

Manuscripts must be prepared into a single word document file, containing all of the necessary components outlined in the “Article Writing Guidelines” documents provided on the Article Descriptions webpage.

Step 3:

The following components must be prepared separate from the manuscript file (these will be required during the submission process; see Step 5)

  • Name and e-mail of all authors
  • Abstract: (150-200 words) Please provide a brief summary of your piece. This is the same abstract that would have been included in the manuscript as outlined by the Article Writing Guidelines.

Step 4:

Writers must read through the Submission Guidelines document before submitting in order to understand the submission rules, terms & conditions, as well as The Meducator‘s review and editing process for manuscripts.

Step 5:

Completed manuscript files are submitted through our submission website. If writers already have an account with Open Journal System (OJS), they can log in to the system using their email address in order to begin the submission process. If writers do not have an account with OJS, please click here to to make an account. When registering, be sure to check the ‘Author’ box at the bottom of the form. After logging into the submission website, visit this page and click the link under ‘Start a New Submission’ to begin.

  • When prompted to upload the file onto OJS, please be sure to select the correct file and press upload. The page will momentarily load as the article is sent to our online servers so we can access it.

Step 6:

Once the submission has been completed, a summary page for the submission will be visible. An email notification will also be sent to confirm the submission. Revisions to submissions can be made at this time. The “Author” page (here) also provides an opportunity to track the status of submitted articles.

Writers who have submitted will be officially contacted through email about the decision regarding their submission 2-3 weeks after the manuscript submission deadline.

The Meducator is McMaster University’s undergraduate Health Sciences Journal. It publishes pieces that critically address current issues with a high degree of scientific rigor, but in a way that is accessible to a broad audience.


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