Meet Our Staff


Owen Luo

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours), Class of 2019

Eva Liu

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours), Class of 2020


The Editorial Board is comprised of talented editors who have a passion for scientific writing and editing. Our editors critically review submitted manuscripts, and thoroughly edit selected manuscripts in order to prepare them for publication. Our editors are also the primary contact for authors and post-graduate reviewers in the field of who will be reviewing the authors’ work, and also write The Meducator’s feature articles and blog entries.


Sheila Yu
B.H.Sc. Class of 2019

Kevin Chen
B.H.Sc. Class of 2020


Aaron Wen
Albert Stancescu
Angela Dong
Anita Shah
Daniel Diatlov
Daniel Rayner
Edward Cui
James Yu
Jessica Chee
Jim Xie
Kevin Zhao
Matthew Lynn
Milena Cioana
Nadin Abbas
Parnika Godkhindi
Saba Manzoor
Sarah Asbury
Takhliq Amir


The Graphics & Design Team is comprised of graphic designers and artists who are responsible for maintaining the look and feel of our publication. The creative artists of this team design the vibrant images, diagrams, figures and layouts that accompany our articles with the aim of communicating scientific principles and concepts in a sophisticated and visually engaging manner to our audience. Through innovation, this team bridges their passion for the visual arts with the realm of science.


Matilda Kim
B.H.Sc. Class of 2020

Bob Yang
Bachelor of Biotechnology, Class of 2019

Graphic Designers

Anqi Wu
Annisa Siu
Esra Rekab
Karishma Mehta
Kien Nagales
Laura Nguyen
Michelle Chen
Pei Rui Ren
Ruby Zheng
Suffia Malik
Wendy Zhang


The Video Team aims to expand the reach of our publication to our readers by communicating ideas and perspectives about the health sciences through a dynamic and engaging video format. Our video editors and producers work on capturing the different facets of health sciences through the lens, such as through insightful video interviews with senior members of the health sciences field, or by shedding light on prevalent health issues in our community.


Adrian Marcuzzi
B.H.Sc. Class of 2020

Video Producers

Albert Zhao
Anson Lee
Erin Lin
Katherine Sliwowicz
Khashayar Poorzargar
Nina Vujovic


The MeduPromo Team elevates the breadth and depth of our impact on McMaster campus and in a digitally-transformed publishing landscape.


Daniel Diatlov
Biochemistry, Class of 2020


Alisha Sharma
Angela Yang
Liz Jacob
Natalie Palumbo
Shirin Telebi
Stephanie Kay
Zahra Abdallah