Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is The Meducator?

The Meducator is McMaster University’s undergraduate Health Sciences journal. We are run by undergraduate students, and aim to provide a platform for undergraduate students to publish and share their research as well as additional interest pieces on topics in the Health Sciences. For more information about us, click here. To see the range of articles that we feature each issue, click here.  

How frequently is The Meducator published?

We publish issues biannually. Traditionally, our first issue of the school year is released in early December, and our second issue is released early April. 

Where is The Meducator published?

The Meducator is published online and in print. The Meducator is recognized by McMaster libraries as an open access e-journal. This is made possible by the McMaster University Digital Commons repository, which makes institutional publications easily found by search engines such as Google Scholar. To learn more about institutional repositories, click here

Limited print copies of The Meducator are distributed across McMaster University campus at our stands which are located at the following locations:

  • Beside the main elevators on the first floor of Michael DeGroote Center for Learning and Discovery (MDCL)
  • Near the chemistry lecture hall (Room 147) in Burke’s Science’s Building (BSB)
  • Beside the elevators in McMaster University Student Center (MUSC)
  • Beside the main entrance doors into Health Sciences Library (HSL)

We announce the release of our newest issues online – we encourage you to like us on Facebook if you would like to receive updates on when our newest issues are published. You can also find our print issues archived at McMaster Health Sciences Library, which are available for access upon request from the library.

Regarding Submissions

Who can write for The Meducator?

Any current undergraduate student at McMaster or elsewhere may submit a Critical Review, Research Insight, Opinion, or Global Perspective article. MedWires and MedBulletins are written by Meducator staff only. Interviews are generally conducted by Meducator staff, but other undergraduate students may also be allowed to carry out an interview if they have an interviewee in mind and contact The Meducator well in advance to the manuscript submission deadline. Additionally, some of the aforementioned articles require additional requisites to be satisfied for submission:

  • Research Insight articles are generally completed by students who are able to provide novel research findings from their participation in research projects as a part of a honours thesis, summer research, or independent project.
  • Global Perspective articles are written by individuals who can offer a first-hand account of a health issue specific to a community (within or outside of Hamilton) from working within that community due to a volunteer placement, a paid position, or from participation in an Embedded Learning Experience (ELE).

Can I submit a piece that I have partially prepared due to a course or a course thesis project?

Authors may submit manuscripts that were written as part of a course or started off as course-related project or thesis project. However, it is likely that these may require significant formatting changes to meet standards set by The Meducator.

How do I submit an article to The Meducator?

Manuscripts should be prepared according to the article writing guidelines provided specific to the piece that is being submitted, which you can find here. Submissions can then be completed following the instructions provided here.

Can my article be published by another publication if I have submitted the same material to The Meducator?

Submitted articles cannot have been previously published, nor be forthcoming in an archival journal or book (print or electronic). By submitting material to The Meducator, the author is stipulating that the material is not currently under review at another journal (electronic or print) and that he or she will not submit the material to another journal (electronic or print) until the completion of the editorial decision process at The Meducator. It is possible, however, for published Meducator articles to be distributed in other publications in their original form. Please contact the Editors-in-Chief for more details on specific circumstances.

Does the Meducator accept artwork submissions to feature in its issues?

Unfortunately, only members of The Meducator‘s Graphics and Design team create the original artwork featured in every issue. If you are interested in drawing for The Meducator, we encourage you to apply for a position in the Graphics and Design team when applications are made available in late August. 

Regarding Staff

What is the role of The Meducator staff?

We have various roles in our team for fulfilling various essential tasks that help prepare the upcoming issues of The Meducator for publication. 

  • Our Editorial team is composed of editors who are review all submitted manuscripts for selection, thoroughly edit accepted manuscripts, and write our staff-written pieces. 
  • Our Graphics and Design team is composed of graphic designers, photographers and artists who are responsible for designing the look and feel of our issues, and creating the original artwork that accompanies our articles.
  • The Video Team consists of video editors who work on capturing the different facets of health sciences through an engaging video format. They regularly produce insightful video interviews with senior members of the health sciences field, or shed light on prevalent health issues in our community.

How can I join The Meducator staff? 

Every year, we look for talented new individuals to join our team and play an active role in editing, designing, and supporting our publication. We open up general staff applications every year in late August, and the deadline for sending in applications is held in mid-September. During this time period, you can access staff application packages here. After reviewing all written applications, a select number of individuals are chosen for interviews. Final staff members decisions are made by the end of September.