The Golden Age of Nostalgia Research

January 19, 2015 0

My name is fitting because I used to grace this blog frequently. Scrawl back to time immemorial – or maybe just last year – and you’ll find my spectral fingerprints on the screen. Those were […]

Mental Health & Physicians

November 2, 2014 0

Cut me up, open my insides, and in between the gobbets and gunk, the goo and giblets, you’ll find out that I want to be a doctor. It’s a little dream sometimes blocked by the […]

A Scientist in the Kitchen

April 6, 2014 2

As a student in both science and culinary school, I find myself having frequent déjà vu as I attend one class after another. Like a lab, the kitchen is a dynamic system where basic principles […]

A Love Potion: The Chemistry of Romance

March 1, 2014 1

Though Valentine’s Day has past, put down that heart-shaped chocolate, burn those roses and stop rereading those cheesy love poems. Such sentimentalities won’t foster a loving relationship, because love is not some abstract emotional response. […]

Chess: Far from Black and White

February 12, 2014 0

Adrian quickly glanced at the clock before directing his gaze onto the 64 black and white squares in front of him. After ten minutes of contemplative silence, he finally appeared ready to make a move. […]

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