Using stem cells to grow a living brain

November 19, 2018 0

Written by Sarah Asbury, Biochemistry Class of 2019, McMaster University   When scientists discovered how to reprogram skin cells into neurons, research on neurological disorders broadened. Disorders of the brain have been historically difficult to […]

Fecal microbiota transplantation: The power of poop

October 28, 2018 0

Access Full Text ABSTRACT Fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT), a procedure involving the transfer of stool from healthy donors to patients, has demonstrated success in re-establishing gut microbiota homeostasis and facilitating the recovery of metabolic and […]

Adverse childhood experiences: A public health challenge

August 1, 2018 0

Access Full Text INTRODUCTION The life-course approach to health and the critical period model of disease causation posit that adult health is shaped by experiences in early life, specifically during critical developmental periods.1 Adverse Childhood […]

Biohacking: The next scientific revolution?

August 1, 2018 0

The biohacking movement was catapulted into mainstream attention when AIDS patient Tristan Roberts livestreamed a self-injection with an untested gene therapy vector.1 Biohacking, also known as Do-It-Yourself Biology, is the technological manipulation of biological systems […]

AMPK regulates extravillous trophoblast invasion

August 1, 2018 0

The placenta is involved in the transport and exchange of gases, nutrients, and waste products at the mother-fetus interface. During the early stages of pregnancy, trophoblasts, the primary stem cell lineage in the placenta, play […]

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