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The Importance of Science Literacy in Democracy

What distinguishes democracy from other forms of government like monarchy, autocracies and dictatorships, is that in a democracy, every citizen’s voice counts equally and the direction of the country is steered by the will of…

Therapy in the Palm of Your Hands

Even while writing this, I found myself scrolling through one app or another on my phone. It’s truly amazing how the development of technologies, such as the iPhone or the iPad, has made it easier…

Study Better with Memory Hacks

Like many students, I’ve spent the better part of high school learning how to learn. More specifically, learning how to memorize, considering how secondary school tests tended to emphasize knowledge more than application, unlike university….

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Over-the-Counter Statins: A Gateway to Misuse

This video discusses the use of statins as a means of preventing heart disease. It evaluates whether the drug should be administered over-the-counter, considering both social and economic consequences. ____ Based on article by Ahmed…

The Medutater – Zika Virus

Is Zika as terrifyingly dangerous as it’s been portrayed? ___ Animation and narration – Marcel Jansen Script – Marcel Jansen, Judy Chen  

POTS Syndrome: A Little More Tired Than Normal

For many undergraduate students, the juggling of countless courses, extracurriculars and part-time jobs can lead to little time for food or sleep, as well as a lot of early mornings and late nights. Add to…

The Global Water Crisis

This video explores the Global Water Crisis in detail and its associated problems, as well as potential solutions that we can all implement in our lives to reduce the impact of this potential worldwide crisis….

Interview with Dr. Matthew Miller

This is our preview video for our interview with Dr. Matthew Miller, Assistant Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences at McMaster University. ___ Videography: Jun Park & Bomi Park Editing: Jun Park

Targeting Cancers with a Malarial Protein

What type of cells multiplies rapidly, invades surrounding tissue, and even takes over the arrangement of blood vessels nearby? If you said, “Cancer cells,” think again. That is not to say that you are wrong….